Brass Pins Electrical Plug Pin

Brass Pins Electrical Plug Pin

Brass Screws and Fasteners India holds expertise in fabricating superior quality Brass Electrical Pins widely applicable for electrical plugs, electrical sockets, UK type plug pin, electrical 15-amp plug pins, and industrial plug.

We also manufacture wide range of electrical brass components according to the drawings and specification provided by the customer. The product quality with respect to features like efficiency, durability and corrosion resistance is well maintained by us and hence are in great requirement.

The fine quality material used for manufacturing includes free cutting brass is 319 type (1), free cutting brass as per BS 249 type (1), high-grade free cutting brass and any special brass material composition as per customer requirement.
Threads for this product can be chosen ISO metric (mm threads), BSW threads (inches), BA threads, UNC threads, UNF threads, and any threads as per client specification.

Our brass electrical pins are available in diverse lengths, sizes, and diameters. They are manufactured in a range from 5 amps to 25 amps as per client requirement.
These products have a finish as natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or any coating as per customer requirement.

The Electrical Plug pins are been used in 3 pin plug socket, two pin socket, 3 pin multi plug socket, 2 pin plugs, 3 pin plug connector, three pin plugs, two pin plugs and 3 pins sockets.